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... "yes, there are a few standouts. The shorter fictions people seem to enjoy most are 'Zygote,' 'Ocean Ritual,' 'Epiphany,' 'Denali,' and 'Aurora ' — they're companion stories — 'Entangled,' 'The Line Between,' and 'Beholder.' People also seem to like 'Perigee/Apogee,' 'Longshadows,' and 'Portal' as well. The most popular among the longest fictions seems to be 'Curse.' I'm personally quite fond of 'Acorns,' but being an alphabetical glazomaniac, my favorite in any category or list usually begins with the letter 'A.'"

"Alphabetical glazomaniac?"

"Someone with a deep fondness for making alphabetized lists. My favorite fruits, for instance. My favorite body parts no longer attached to me. My favorite months. My favorite places to cut myself shaving. All my favorites begin with A — apricots, adenoids, August, Adam's apple."


"Since my lists are alphabetized, the 'A's seem to get a disproportionate amount of attention."

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