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Something in the Middle

Opening Credits

[Accompanied by stills of highly stylized, illustrated story graphics over minimalist, atmospheric synth music as might be performed by Vangelis or a sleepy Tangerine Dream]

Written, Produced, and Directed by  

   A.I. Wand

Pseudonym of SITM's Author

   August 'Augie' Christie

Pseudonym of A.I. Wand

   Agatha 'Sir Agatha' Giles

Pseudonym of Augie Christie


(I know what you’re thinking,

but it is what it is.)

   Jillian Gaylord

Missing Media Mogul

Wand_Page_2 70.png
... origin of SITM
... major characters

   “... Wand has never been a husband or a father, and without any ‘first’ — err, I guess ‘second’ is more apropos — hand experience with pregnancy, he imagines that writing a book is similar to human gestation.
   “I, on the contrary, know better. I love my dear wife, and together, we’ve piloted the treacherous waters of pregnancy and childbirth.”
   “You and Mrs. Not-Wand?”
   “Correct. Well, actually, she piloted. I just held our air-sickness bags, offered moral support, and kept an eye on the weather.
    "Without human children of his own, Wand sees his finished stories — the culmination of all his passion and intent — as his offspring, as a chance to leave some part of himself behind after his time on Earth is ended. To him, more stories might mean a larger gene pool, more ‘offspring,’ if you will, more of his essence to survive him. Or maybe Wand’s just a selfish bastard who wants to litter the world with orphans.”

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