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SITM Book Launch

Hello Friends, Wand here.

It is with an odd mixture of relief and regret that we announce the publication of our first book — Something in the Middle (Small Stories from the Far Side of Consciousness), and its promotional companion Big Fish in a Small Pond (Selected Stories from Something in the Middle). Almost 18 months in the making, we are formally relieved to be past the writing phase, the phase of endless rewrites, the editing phase, the reediting phase, the phase of more endless rewrites, the graphic illustration phase, a brief respite characterized by self-doubt and existential dread, and yet more editing. By comparison, the website design, the search for plot holes and continuity errors, the research and fact checking, and the publishing and marketing phases have been a breeze. Well, not really. We've been on a learning curve every step of the way. Our hats go off to everyone who's ever carried a book from inception through publication. What an enormously satisfying journey, what fun, how delightful it's been getting to know these stories so well. Regret enters the equation because we will never again be able to publish our first book, so we will never again be able to learn so much so quickly. The ride on the rocket ship has been memorable. As we roll out our color digital edition, our black and white print edition, and our color print edition, we're filled with gratitude for those who encouraged us on this journey. Our cherished loved ones, our friends, our family, our beta readers, and our editor kept the momentum going, and we thank you. Next on the horizon is the audio book, a challenge unlike any we've faced thus far. Please wish us luck; heaven knows we need it.



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