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Ask Wand Anything

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Hello Friends, Augie here. After enduring several construction delays because we struck oil, then natural gas, and finally, hit a rich deposit of uranium while digging the foundation — we are pleased to announce the grand opening of a new virtual wing on our website — the Ask Wand Anything Centre. To give the building a snooty, pretentious vibe, it's spelled like we use the metric system, even though we really don't. Within these freshly painted halls, Wand fields a variety of pertinent questions from the ridiculously sublime to the subliminally ludicrous. There's even a question from me (which Wand considered carefully before answering).

Note: We are proud to report that no animals were harmed during the completion of these answers, we but we must acknowledge that some of our vegetables were bruised and we even cracked a few minerals. Also, Agatha is in a wheelchair for the moment. As the old saying goes — you can't make an omelet without breaking a few legs. Am I right or am I right? Wait, what?

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