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The Book of The's
by A.I. Wand

Chapter 1) The Splendor of the Hour
Chapter 4) The Business of Doing Nothing
Chapter 3) The Feels
Chapter 2) The Far Side of Consciousness
Chapter 5) The Driver’s Paradox
Chapter 6) The Science Fiction Fair
Chapter 7) The Triumphant Orgy of Joy
Chapter 8) The Lighthouse
Chapter 9) The Only Problem Worth Solving
Chapter 10) The Idealist
Chapter 11) The New Normal
Chapter 12) The Paradigm Shift
Chapter 13) The Near Side of the Cosmos
Chapter 14) The Clunks
Chapter 15) The Return Home
Chapter 16) The Digital Menace
Chapter 17) The Soup Service
Chapter 18) The Visitor
Chapter 19 The Talent for Getting Up
Chapter 20) The Dawn of Epsilon
Chapter 21) The Five-Second Rule
Chapter 22) The Right-Hander’s Lament
Chapter 23) The Verge of My Being
Chapter 24) The Recipe for Success
Chapter 25) The Weirdness Period
Chapter 28) The Little Misunderstanding
Chapter 29) The Quest for a Better Mousetrap
Chapter 30) The Paid Advertisement
Chapter 31) The Unintentional Victory
Chapter 32) The Well-Dressed Windbags
Chapter 33) The Character Rebellion
Chapter 34) The Blast from the Past
Chapter 35) The Mighty I
Chapter 36) The Other Way of Stopping
Chapter 37) The Last Word
Chapter 38) The Verse of The's
The High Price of Friendship
The Origin Story When Augie Met Wand
Chapter 27) The Problem with Palindromes
Chapter 26) The Grandfather Experience
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